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It’s one thing to be passionate about crafting the finest wines possible, but finding a piece of land capable of extraordinary acts is something else altogether. The wines of Double Canyon in Horse Heaven Hills, Washington, Seven Hills Winery in Walla Walla Valley, Washington and Archery Summit in Willamette Valley, Oregon, reflect exceptional vineyards in renowned growing regions of the Pacific Northwest. From these three properties, we proudly present limited-production, estate-grown wines that convey the quality and intrinsic character of the regions in which they’re grown.

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Double Canyon Vineyard

Double Canyon

Horse Heaven Hills, Washington

With the goal of creating authentic estate-grown wines, Double Canyon was established in the heart of Horse Heaven Hills in 2007. Our focus is crafting limited–production Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah that express the individuality of our namesake vineyard and capture the distinct character of this unique windswept, desert region.

Named for the two ravines that run through the property, Double Canyon encompasses 90 acres of estate vines grown upon their natural feet rather than grafted rootstock. This is made possible by a dry, windy climate and sandy soil compositions that are almost entirely resistant to rot or diseases—a tremendous advantage for cultivating healthy vines and practically unheard of in virtually every other winegrowing region in the world.

Long sunny days set in contrast to cool evening temperatures resulting from the proximity to the Columbia River create optimal conditions for the diverse clonal selections of Bordeaux varietals and Syrah that grow here. This combined with extremely dense planting techniques delivers exceptionally high quality fruit from which to create wines that capture the distinctive terroir traits of the appellation.

Seven Hills Winery Exterior

Seven Hills Winery

Walla walla valley, Washington

Located in the heart of Walla Walla, Washington, Seven Hills Winery is one of the region’s oldest and most respected wineries, founded in 1988. As a fourth-generation farmer who worked alongside his father to plant the famed Seven Hills Winery estate founding blocks, founder and winemaker Casey McClellan has guided Seven Hills Winery to craft exceptional Merlot, Cabernet and red Bordeaux blends that are benchmarks for excellence in the Northwest.

Since its founding in 1988, Seven Hills Winery has championed the rich diversity of the region. In addition to its influential role in Walla Walla Valley winemaking, Seven Hills has explored the promise of many of the Northwest’s other great appellations, building relationships with Washington’s finest winegrowers. As a result, Seven Hills Winery works with renowned vineyards such as Ciel du Cheval and Seven Hills Winery estate founding blocks, sourcing fruit from the same coveted old-vine blocks and rows year after year.

Using these storied grapes, Seven Hills Winery has developed a style known for balancing structure and grace. With restrained oak, bright acidity and pure varietal flavors, these terroir-inspired wines are recognized as some of the finest of the Northwest.

Archery Summit VIneyard at Sunrise

Archery Summit

Willamette Valley, Oregon

Since its inception in 1993, Archery Summit has been devoted to crafting exceptional Pinot Noir from its 120 acres across six estate vineyards. Inspired by the remarkable growing conditions provided by the Willamette Valley, our team approaches each step of the winemaking process with particular thoughtfulness and care. Our philosophy is driven by a commitment to understanding the intricacies and unique personalities of each of our estate vineyards, allowing us to craft wines that vividly express their distinct places of origin. Over the past twenty years we have developed an international reputation for producing wines among the finest and most luxurious of New World Pinot Noir. 

Willamette Valley’s Dundee Hills and Ribbon Ridge are appellations renowned for producing Pinot Noir of inexplicable allure. The soils here are well-drained and rich in minerals due to geological activity that dates back to the Ice Age. This ancient history coupled with centuries-old traditions adopted in Burgundy, set the stage for this distinctive area of remarkable Oregon terrain to produce celebrated wines of exceptional character.